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Steam Food To Perfection 

This metal basket is the perfect tool for steaming food in any dish. SteamSam adjusts its size to fit all cookware and make steaming quick and simple.

The steamer cooks masterfully everything you put in it. The stainless steel doesn’t rust nor does it lose its flexible power. Use it on a simple stove to get the perfect steamed dish.

There is no better way to cook veggies, meat or rice. SteamSam retains the healthy nutrients in the foods while cooking them to tender perfection.

What makes SteamSam so good

Fits in every dish- SteamSam can adjust to every cookware so you can steam foods in every dish you wish. No matter the size it fits perfectly.

Brings out the full flavor- SteamSam retains up to 90% of the nutrients to make every cooked meal more healthy and delicious.

Cook smatter and faster- Whatever you are making it can be cooked better by steaming. The rice, meat and veggies are so much yummier when steamed.

Why SteamSam is for you- Masterful steam cooking is now possible from any dish. Leave it to SteamSam to cook healthy meals, full of flavor.

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